my name is anna bauer (she/her), and I'm a dance artist in Austin, Texas.

cover photo by cassie fuller



(i have a thing for duets)


A gradual countdown spans 5 minutes (and some change). In the meantime, a symphony crests, an egg boils, and a car passes. 3, 2, 1... and what happens after 0?

Choreographed in collaboration with jairus carr
Filmed in rehearsal at cafe dance in austin, texas

This Thing That We're Doing/Sorry About All Of The Music/Sorry About All Of The Words

is there any uh h has there any conversation going on that these that aus the austin area have seen ufos flying through here ts

Choreographed in collaboration with jairus carr
Photos by Lynn Lane
Filmed for Austin Dance Festival 2023


Coffee meets pastry, biscuit meets jam, stranger meets stranger.

Photos by Aidan Rodgers
Filmed for Austin Dance Festival 2022

Laundry Day

a series of brief duets about clothes (and quarters). Shirt, Turtleneck, Buttondown, Tanktop, Pants, Shorts, Shirt. "Do you like my outfit?"

filmed for austin dance festival 2024


(in which we dance with a lamp and tea kettle.)

Choreographed in collaboration with Jairus carr
Filmed for Carissa Topham's and Emily Rushing's SMORG in 2023


You've caught us with our pants down

this is a dance about pants.

Choreographed in collaboration with dancers
created for whirlwind dance company's residency week 2024
Photos and video by auriana carrington

fish dish snare

bait and switch: a trio that feels more like a puzzle than a dance. "there's something fishy about this dish."

Choreographed in collaboration with jairus carr and celeste camfield
Photos by Sarah Annie Navarette
created during the keshet makers space experience 2024
filmed by Reinhard Lorenz


Are we ever really in control of ourselves and our surroundings? Four characters navigate a three-course progression of micro-managing, obsession, and self-awareness.

This piece was presented as part of MashUp Contemporary Dance Company’s 2022 International Women’s Day Festival. Footage provided by MashUp Contemporary Dance Company.
Photography: Kelly Mustapha Kellett
Venue: LA Dance Project
Lighting design: Joey Guthman
Videography: Alex Laya
Produced by: MashUp Contemporary Dance Company
special thanks to Agora Artists for the support in creating this piece for SEEDS 2021

In Medias Res

A jazz quartet capturing the joy and spontaneity of an improv jam.

Filmed for Austin Dance Festival
Choreographed in collaboration with Jairus Carr and dancers

Something Else

A whole is the sum of its parts. Or is it? Something Else watches miniature, mysterious narratives unfold in and out of their contexts.

photos by lynn lane
created in fullfillment of Aimed Dance Company's Emerging Choreographer Fellowship 2021



Show, not tell.

Filmed by Alexander Sargent for White Wave Solo Duo Dance Festival

the figure is losing its features

Inspired by the surrounding architecture, a soloist struggles with identity and form.

photos by Elysia Perkins
created as a site-specific work at the curtain theatre in austin, texas, for Blipswitch's offbeat x


A study in character and surreal pants.

photos by tori nunn
filmed for Senior Showcase 2021 at Sam Houston State University

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I am a choreographer, dancer, and teacher living in Austin, Texas. Since graduating from Sam Houston State University with my BFA in Dance in 2021, I’ve danced for the Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company while maintaining a personal focus on choreography. my work uses mundane aspects of life as sources for movement generation: coffee, laundry, dinner, pants, and so on. I like to draw attention to the nuance, strangeness, and humor that exists within the activities we do every day. Art imitates life, life imitates art, and round and round we go.Events across Texas have been kind enough to include my pieces in their lineup: Austin Dance Festival, Blipswitch’s Offbeat X, Barnstorm Dance Fest, Texas Dance Improvisation Festival, Houston Fringe Fest, Agora Artists’ SEEDS, and local concerts produced by Austin artists such as Zatero Dance, Emily Rushing, Carissa Topham, and Jahna Bobolia. I’ve also brought my work to national festivals, including Mashup’s International Women’s Day Dance Festival (Los Angeles), MADCO's Dare to Dance (St. Louis), White Wave SoloDuo Dance Festival (New York City), and RAD Fest (Kalamazoo).Along with my own choreography, I have danced on a variety of stages, both proscenium and nontraditional. During my time at Sam Houston State University, I had the chance to work with faculty members and guest choreographers Adele Nickel, Donald C. Shorter Jr., Evelyn Toh, Dionne Noble, and Rohan Bhargava. While living in Austin, in addition to training and performing with Kathy Dunn Hamrick, I have danced for dance company Blipswitch’s site-specific show Unstill life, filmmaker Oddalys Salcido’s dance film a guide to: delusion, and artist Justo Cisnero’s sculpture pop-up exhibit The Silk Flower and the Honey Bee.In 2021, I received an Emerging Choreographer Fellowship with Aimed Dance Company and created a new work with its dancers for their Summer Fest. During the summer of 2023, I travelled to Washington to reset my duet Breakfast on the dancers of Bellingham Repertory Dance. Déjà vu- Jairus Carr and I completed this residency again in the summer of 2023, resetting our collaborative duet This Thing That We’re Doing. In April of 2024, myself, Jairus, and our friend and collaborator Celeste Camfield drove to Albuquerque, New mexico, where we attended Keshet dance company's makers space experience. Over the course of those 10 days, my newest trio fish dish snare was born. In May of 2024, I created group work you've caught us with our pants down for whirlwind dance company's residency program. the piece premiered at the well center for movement in columbus, ohio.Occasionally, I teach professional-level cotemporary masterclasses, where dancers improvise responses to a series of creative prompts. (Travel through a room full of invisible laser beams. Imagine a pinball bouncing through your torso. Pretend a giant fan is propelling you across the floor.) Imagery-based exercises encourage movers to unlock new movement pathways and conquer their habitual patterns. most recently, Jairus Carr and i co-taught a class for the university of Houston's fall guest artist series.i also serve as the communications director for austin dance festival, where i handle email communications and social media. When I’m not dancing, I dabble in reading, taking walks, and drinking overpriced coffee.

photos in this series by Elysia Perkins

Nothing to see here. Yet. [ ? ] [ ! ]

haiku about coffee:

buying anyone
a cup of coffee makes you
feel closer to them

want to dance? grab a drink? let me know:


june 29th- collaborative multimedia performance Bodybuilder with artist Justo Cisneros, Jairus Carr, and Shea McGilvray at Ranch apocalypse in Austin, texas.

photo by erica EG gionfriddo

june 22nd- presenting new solo clarity study in collaboration with jairus carr and a box at 5x7 Dance festival at first street studio in Austin, Texas.

Photo by me

may 22nd-31st- in residency with whirlwind dance company creating new work you've caught us with our pants down in columbus, ohio.

Photo by Auriana Carrington

may 18th-19th- dancing in kathy dunn hamrick dance company's new evening length work smoke at cafe dance in austin, texas.

Photo by Sarah Annie Navarette

may 4th-5th- presenting trio fish dish snare zatero dance company's bon voyage at cafe dance in Austin, texas.

Photo by Sarah Annie Navarette

april 5th-15th- attending keshet dance company's makers space experience in albuquerque, new mexico with collaborators jairus carr and celeste camfield.

Photo by Pat Berrett courtesy of the keshet makers space experience

march 23rd- presenting duet Laundry Day at austin dance festival 2024 in austin, texas.

Photo by Elysia Perkins

March 1st- presenting duet This Thing That We’re Doing with jairus Carr at RAD fest 2024 in Kalamazoo, michigan.

Photo by Fluid frames dance photography

February 21st-24th- performance in Blipswitch's Unstill Life at the Wolf House in Austin, Texas.

Photos and design by Blipswitch

February 9th-10th- presenting new work microwave on the students of Mccallum fine arts theatre for its spring show progressions.

December 1st-3rd- dancing in kathy dunn hamrick dance company's season 25 at rollins theatre at the long center in austin, texas.

Photo by Kevin Gliner

November 11th-12th- presenting new duet guests choreographed in collaboration with Jairus Carr at Jahna Bobolia's COMMUNITY.

October 19th & 21st- performance in 1, 2, 3, sometimes dance feels very dramatic and ironic to me by Jairus Carr at Dance Carousel.

Photo by Matt Bradford

October 5th-7th- presenting In Medias Res choreographed in collaboration with Jairus Carr at TDIF.

September 16th- choreography and performance in a guide to: delusion by filmmaker Oddalys Salcido at their film festival preheat fest.

Design by Oddalys Salcido

September 13th- dancing at Wild Ruins Wild Orientations pop-up sculpture park The silk flower and the honey bee by artist Justo Cisnero.

photo by cleopatra diwata

June 3rd & 4th- dacning in these events are fortunate with the Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company.

design by taryn lavery